Building Successful Businesses-that’s what I have been doing for the last 20 years! I started small in the 90’s with massage therapy business (right at the beginning of the whole massage industry that boomed). Fully equipped with a marketable skill and motivated by a strong desire to help people feel better, I set off on my first entrepreneurial adventure. I was amazed to watch my business gain traction exponentially as I poured my heart into changing lives, one person at a time. My business grew quickly from 3-6 clients trickling in the first three months to being fully booked 3 weeks in advance before the end of the 2nd quarter! I remained booked for a minimum of 3 weeks out for the remainder of the time I was in that business. I had a solid 7 year run and was hooked on being my own boss!
I chose to segue out of that business and began to look for other opportunities. An opportunity to own a franchise of a very successful, locally owned restaurant came my way. “RESTAURANT? WHAT? I DON’T COOK! I’M NOT A FOODY! IS THIS A GOOD IDEA?” Turns out it was. Over the course of the next 12 years I ran that business and by the time I sold it I had grown from 8 employees to 52, grossing 2 million in sales. A SOLID RUN!
What I learned about business I learned through hard work in the trenches.
Work with me as your coach, so I can help you navigate the road of small business ownership, helping you avoid the bumps and potholes that can leave you discouraged and wondering if you have made the right choice.