“Relationships are at the heart of everything we do, personally and professionally… and thriving in your relationships is essential to true success”

Valerie is a certified coach & consultant, entrepreneurial specialist, author and national speaker. As the founder and CEO of Couples and Business, a company she runs with her husband, she is passionate about working with spouse/couple run businesses.

As an advocate and educator for spouse-couple run businesses, she supports these companies to thrive personally and professionally. When you work with your partner there are unique challenges that must be addressed for ultimate success.

Valerie has worked with hundreds of solo-entrepreneurs in numerous fields such as massage therapists, attorneys, psychotherapists, CPAs, aestheticians, teachers, relators, life insurance, and direct sales. She has been in the coaching field since 2007.

Couples & Business provides business and relationship coaching, strengths and conative assessments, workshops, signature presentations, couples retreats and individual and group programs designed to have you thinking and acting differently in your business and relationships.


Valerie is a consultant with MindPower Technology, an international company with a revolutionary approach to change found in a powerful accelerated learning and training tool for the busy-on the go-professional.

She has 35+ years of combined experience in social work, law/mediation, counseling and advocacy.

She holds a Juris Doctor degree and BA in Social Work.

Valerie loves the beach, traveling off the beaten path, kayaking and is a life long-learner passionate about helping others.

She has been with her husband and life partner, Michael, for 36 years.

Wherever you are starting from in your relationship or business let Valerie support you to thrive.