Ursula is an expert in many areas of business and life. Ursula specializes and excels in helping small to medium-size businesses prosper through step by step coaching and consulting. And using her Psychology background, Ursula also excels in coaching in the areas of life where people sometimes need the most support. Ursula coaches and consult in the areas of Business, Transition, Personal & Life, and Emotional Intelligence Coaching. Through her many years of coaching and consulting she knows the frustrations one feels in the game of life and trying to get a business up and running. Ursula knows just what a business needs, how to handle business efficiently, and the recipe one needs to have a successful life and business. She is also an expert in several business systems that small businesses use including Infusionsoft, 1ShoppingCart, WordPress, Active Campaign, and many many more.

As your Coach and/or Consultant, you can depend on Ursula to be there to support your dream, your business and you. Passionate about her job, what excites Ursula most about her work is the happy, successful clients resulting from the assistance and support she provides. Ursula helps businesses and people succeed through her step by step coaching, consulting, and personalized service plans tailored to your specific business and/or individual goals.

Ursula is an alumna of the University of St. Thomas and Florida Institute of Technology, Nathan M. Bisk Business School (where she was distinguished by receiving the Distinguished Graduate Award and was featured in three magazine articles in Black MBA). Ursula holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy and a MBA with a specialization Healthcare Management.

Ursula believes teamwork is the best relationship. Ursula lives by the mantra that one should “Always be willing to learn, be teachable, and be adaptable.” Ursula would love to become a part of your team to coach and/or consult your business to success. Book your appointment today to start building your successful life and/or business.