Sylvia Becker-Hill, PCC (ICF), MA Phil, Dipl. Ver.w.

Her focus topics for you:
Business-Growth-Planning, Sales-Training, Overcoming Fears, Success-Principles

Her mission/why she joined Exoteric:
“My company Über Women International Inc.’s mission 30:30 means that I’m committed to raise the numbers of female leaders in all sections of society by 30% in the next 30 years world-wide.
Supporting female direct-sales-entrepreneurs to be sustainably successful – sustainably means: in integrity, soul-based, without compromises of love, health and creativity – is part of my global efforts.”

Professional background and accomplishments:
Sylvia Becker-Hill is an award winning pioneer of the coaching profession on both sides of the Atlantic. She was the first ever Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in Germany in 2002 and a leader in various positions like ICF-German President and an ICF-Michigan Board member. As a top-executive change strategist and corporate leadership coach Sylvia has coached Fortune 500 clients all over the world. Sylvia accumulated over 5000 hours of 1to1 coaching around a vast area of topics like: change-management, ego-management, leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict-resolutions, team-development, leaving a legacy, marriage-divorce turn around, finding love-partners, self-marketing, personal branding, sales-mastery, relationship to money, strategic networking… For 7 years Sylvia ran in Michigan a high-quality boutique coaching training school aligned with the demands of the ICF-portfolio track for certification. Sylvia holds a university degree from the Heinrich-Heine-University in Cologne/Germany as a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Linguistics and a MBA in Administrative Science from the College of Public Administration in Cologne/Germany. In her twenties in Germany she financed her two degrees by being in direct sales herself for different products (‘green’ house-cleaning and skin-care products). Sylvia trains Mary Kay sales-representatives in sales and how to overcome the fear of objections. Sylvia’s clients became CEOs, rescued their jobs overcoming conflicts with their boss, reignited their passion for their business, doubled their revenue and saved their marriages from ending in a divorce… Her recent book “Instant Insights on 12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women” became an international Amazon bestseller in the first 24 hours.

Coaching style and tools:
Clients call Sylvia lovingly “The Lady with the Brain” because she teaches her clients how to make positive changes last through neuroscience. Her style is appreciative, straight, provocative and highly creative. She serves you over the phone and via video-skype using a big easel pad producing insights and shifts triggering Mind-Graphics for her clients. Her treasure chest of coaching tools (some on a certified level) includes: Systemic Constellations with floor anchors, the Sedona Method, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT/Tapping, Transaction Analyses TA, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypno Technics, Body Scans, Visualizations, Guided Imaginary, Vision Boards, Enneagram and DISC profiling, Muscle-Testing, Instant Miracle, Peace Processing, Intuitive Channeling… Some of her own developed models and trademark processes are: EES/ Evolutionary Empowerment SystemTM, Ego-Management ToolboxTM, Love Deliberatly TM, Elevator Pitch Generator TM, Brand Promisse Speech FormulaTM, 5 Steps Authentic Sales FormulaTM…

A touch of private Sylvia:
Sylvia is married to Peter, a passionate paraglider from New Zealand, has two boys and enjoys spending her time reading, watching movies, walking the beach and doing yoga. Newest dream: joining the local CA art-scene by producing art in her vintage art-studio in her back-yard.