Susanne Kahle Keene, CEO of and, began her practice in 2008 with over 25 years of management experience. She had mentored, coached and developed leaders at all levels in diverse and interdisciplinary environments including education, medical research, manufacturing and retail. After a long career in management, Susanne found her coaching niche, which is to help people improve their communication skills, style and approach, in order to foster better professional and personal relationships. She helps her clients develop the skills to negotiate anything – any problem, or any conflict.

For business clients, she guides managers, executives, business owners, individual employees, groups and teams experiencing conflict or communication interruptions, how to navigate situations that ultimately lead to successful resolutions. For start-ups and new entrepreneurs, she assists them in building a supportive, cooperative and effective team of employees and colleagues based on clear goals, expectations, and a corporate culture that works for everyone.

You will learn that you can negotiate anything. Misunderstandings at work and at home can clutter our world, but can also be swiftly resolved with “effective” communication tools.

Susanne keeps up with the latest techniques in coaching, and stays close to the International Coach Academy, Impact Coaching Academy, and her very own expert coach. One of her companies, Life Coach in LA, won the title of “Best in Santa Monica 2015,” and she is featured in the summer 2016 issue of Women Of Distinction Magazine. Susanne has maintained her Board certification through the Centers for Credentialing Education, and has benefited from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School on “Giving and Receiving Feedback.”

She is currently active in her community, participating in volunteer work with multiple organizations. In her down time, Susanne loves playing the piano, and spending time with her husband, children, grandchildren and her French bulldog. Susanne resides in Los Angeles, CA.