Do you need a safe sounding board and a trusted advisor who will deliver messages you need to hear, hold you accountable, and support as you grow your business? Sue Twit hears frequently from clients that she delivers difficult messages with compassion and is a diligent accountability partner.

Sue Twit is a Leadership Coach with more than 20 years of experience coaching leaders to success in a variety of industries. After a 17-year career within a consulting firm, Sue launched her own practice, High Road Coaching & Consulting in 2012. Sue’s belief is that successful coaching is more about excellence in coaching skills than about specific industry experience. She has a MA degree in Management and is certified at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Sue is also a member of the Institute of Coaching (IOC).

Sue believes in coaching the whole person; her expertise is supported by her career history that includes education and work as a Registers Nurse, as well as time working and consulting in Wellness.
Based upon her belief that leaders can make a huge and positive difference in the lives of those they lead, Sue prefers to have access to the team surrounding the leader, and often begins an engagement interviewing those who report to the leader.

Coaching Value Proposition
My mission is to assist my clients, their teams and their companies in achieving maximum professional and personal success and satisfaction.

I believe skills in listening, questioning, challenging, and delivering hard messages with compassion are as important to a successful coach as an understanding of sound business strategy and management.
For those who want to lead, coaching facilitates accelerated growth. Based on data, strengths to leverage and liabilities to manage are identified. Depending on competencies most needed in current and future roles, development plans are created and monitored. Change is supported and measured so that the organization can identify the ROI.

Two things I say to all my clients are:

  • Start all relationships assuming good intentions
  • Professionally and personally, you will never regret taking the HIGH ROAD