Hello, I am a leadership and personal coach who works in partnership with entrepreneurs, business owners, executives as they build their businesses and create productive teams. I offer individual and team/group coaching. I can work with you, the leader, to explore, clarify, what you want to achieve. I can act as your ‘sounding board’ for ideas, possibilities, challenges. I can work with your managers, team leaders, teams, to build a learning organization to foster collaboration, employee engagement and deliver a great service. Coaching, individual and team, benefits businesses. Workplace Coaching also benefits personal relationships. We can measure your return on your coaching investment.

So why work with me? I am a professional coach. I focus on strengths and outcomes. I have worked with business owners growing businesses, individuals experiencing workplace, personal or career challenges and organisations building a new culture. I am future oriented, comfortable with challenges, complexity, ambiguity and conflict. I think laterally and take a systemic view.

Professionally I have worked in higher education, health, private and non-government. I have held senior administrative and teaching positions, clinical (mental health/acute care), management, liaison and community development roles. I have taught management, community development, law, ethics, mental and community health. I also worked for and with community organisations.

I was born in England and now live in NSW Australia. Professionally I have visited the UK, USA and Canada to conduct research into management and community health. I like to sew, travel, meet new people, ride my cycle, swim, go to the gym and spend time with friends and family.

Qualifications: PhD in Health Administration, policy development/implementation, Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Dip. NE, Cert Clinical Hypnosis, Cert Workplace Assessment and Training, Cert in Small Business Management, Diploma in Life Coaching, Cert NLP Coaching, Cert Supervision, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach. I am an ICF Credentialed Coach (ACC).

If you are considering coaching for yourself or your business and you want an ethical, professional coach who will provide you (or your employees) with a safe confidential space to explore issues, challenges, critical professional decisions or future plans who will be direct, focus on your needs and challenge you, as agreed – why not get in touch.