Sabrina grew up in California where she graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Spanish and Comparative Literature. She started her career in sales in the hotel industry. She then transitioned into event managing with a convention center. She currently works as an Economic Development practitioner working with small and large businesses, focused on helping businesses to succeed and grow and to create jobs for her community. She has a diverse career background, which has enabled her to develop a very strong skill set.

What has been consistent throughout her career, is an honest sense, desire and passion to help people succeed at whatever it is they strive to do. Whether it was finding the right location for a gala, or creating a high-energy, seamless convention or growing and developing their business into a successful one or expanding their dream into more, the one thing that has always motivated her through her career, is the passion to help people get to that goal they have set for themselves.

Sabrina began working with a coach in 2014 and quickly discovered that her passion to help people grow and accomplish their goals in any given situation, correlated to this particular field. She began coaching in late 2015 and continues to take courses to develop her skills. There is a genuine desire and excitement in using her skills as a coach paired with her career experience in helping others to explore, discover and achieve their goals.

Sabrina resides with her husband Kole and their two small children, in Sacramento, California.