Got a pitch to make, but you’re scared sh…ahem, out of your mind? Your hands are clammy, your feet feel like anvils, and you’ve forgotten all your brilliant notes. Don’t lose that deal because of a pesky little thing like stage fright.

In my over 10 years of stage performance I’ve overcome the greatest human fear of public speaking. The nearly debilitating nerves are still present, but I’ve learned to use them to serve the greater good or to meet the ultimate objective: give the most rousing performance possible! Harnessing those nerves has gotten me some pretty great accolades and taken to me to some very awesome places.

I’ve been a scholarship track & field athlete & California state champion. I am an associate artist for the California Shakespeare theater. I boast to being featured in one of the most popular Hip Hop ciphers on the web. Heck, I’ve even performed for President Barack Obama. I can help you get that deal!

Other details:

Graduate of San Diego State University, B.A. Sociology, B.A. Political Science Youngest Executive Director in East Bay, CA.

A happy wife, mommy, and fitness enthusiast

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