Coach Robert is a retired Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel with service in two armed conflicts. He has changed his direction of leading and assisting others through a military background to a business background by becoming an Exoteric Elite Founding Coach with a focus on helping military veteran business owners.

With over 30 years of increasingly progressive Human Resources coaching experience in a number of different large high profile private industries throughout the country, Robert is well versed in understanding and providing leadership counseling and training on business personnel related issues. Throughout his career, Robert has provided valuable guidance on the establishment, sustainment and growth of organizations. His expertise as a business professional has given him access to and influence with all levels of management, working closely with them on the successful utilization of human capital to positively impact profitability.

Robert’s combination of experiences makes him uniquely qualified to provide the type coaching that gets results. And he knows how to LISTEN deeply to understand your needs and wants. If you are looking to make a change and need solid guidance and partnership based on time-tested experience, let’s talk TODAY to get you on your way without delay. Robert’s professional credentials include professional certification as both a Business Coach and Senior Professional in Human Resources and an advanced degree in Management and Human Relations.

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