I coach by the Mantra: “Our life’s work lies where our greatest skill and passion intersects with our understanding of the world’s greatest need.” In joining you as your coach, my major goal is helping you discover your passion and applying it to your understanding of your world’s greatest need. When you live by those discoveries your life’s work flows naturally. Living in passion and meeting life’s demands are not mutually exclusive, but it takes commitment to living so they’re in harmony with each other to make it possible. My job is joining you in making the commitment to achieve living in that harmony.

Since 2002, I have worked as a professional coach specializing in working with individuals being groomed or grooming themselves for advancement within their organization, or moving into more challenging and fulfilling careers, or defining how to make their current position work more fully for themselves. My early training was in Clinical Social Work, eventually consulting for many Fortune 500 companies and the US Military on workplace transitions.

I love coaching transformations in my clients, bird watching, photographing wildlife, and participating in the development of my adolescent and adult grandchildren.

Are you searching for understanding how your skills apply to your understanding of the world’s greatest need? If this is your quest, contact me to learn how our coaching relationship would benefit you?