Growing a business is emotionally demanding work, and success depends upon fostering positive, healthy relationships. As a registered and endorsed organizational psychologist, Paul Atkins (PhD) can help you to manage the emotional challenges of building and running a business, as well as building strong, resilient and positive relationships.

Paul has over twenty years’ experience working with thousands of leaders and managers to improve wellbeing, resilience, situational awareness, decision making, conflict management and teamwork. In addition to running his own business since 1999, he has consulted to leading public and private sector organisations throughout Australia.

Paul is also an internationally recognized thought leader in leadership, stress management and well-being improvement with over 45 peer-reviewed publications including his most recent book titled “Mindfulness in Organisations” published by Cambridge University Press. He is currently writing a book outlining the processes of building truly high performance teams, and he is a member of the international design team implementing PROSOCIAL, an approach for enhancing cooperation in all groups.

In addition to providing coaching and therapy services for individual clients, Paul conducts research with Australia’s leading wellbeing research group, the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education in Sydney. As such, his approach to coaching is founded in the best and latest evidence for what really works. His approach, based in a model known as Acceptance and Commitment Training/Coaching, emphasises clarifying what really matters and developing the habits of mind and heart to excel in achieving your goals. This approach is a practical and proven effective method for sensitively acknowledging and managing emotions such as anxiety, fear, doubt, regret and anger; while using those experiences to grow into the person you most want to become.

Paul holds a PhD in Psychology from Cambridge University and is the President of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Contextual Behavioural Science, the peak body for Acceptance and Commitment Training. He lives in Australia’s capital city Canberra and he is a passionate kayaker and sportsman. If you need help to improve and manage relationships within your organization, or with other stakeholders, or if you need help building long-term resilience and wellbeing either personally or in your team, give Paul a call.