As a professionally trained and credentialed Small Business, Wellness and Life Coach, my passion is empowering clients to make choices that really work—whether they wish to develop their small business, create a healthier lifestyle, or totally change life direction. No cookie cutter coaching here! For the past 16 years I’ve facilitated each of my hundreds of coaching clients to create a plan tailored to his or her specific needs and then supported each one through the process of change.

My specialty is coaching Solopreneurs who wish to develop their businesses while maintaining life balance and good health—a tall order! Identifying and prioritizing goals is often a great place to begin.

When my client’s focus includes wellness, as it often does, I support healthier lifestyle choices which lead to a more well balanced life and a body-positive attitude. Taking incremental steps which fit almost effortlessly into one’s life is a good plan.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat. I help each client discover specific strategies to move business goals forward while maintaining family relationships and healthy lifestyles.

Interested? In our weekly phone meetings, my only agenda is your agenda. Together we create accountability which provides motivation moving forward—leading to the desired outcome. Amazing progress can happen unbelievably fast when the right client is paired with the right coach at the right time. Are you ready to make positive change in your business, your health, and your life? I’d love to hear the changes you’ve envisioned for yourself. Call and let’s talk!

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