Lois is a certified life coach with a degree in BS clinical psychology with experience in clinical and industrial setting. She is also a certified energy healer and body work specialist.

“How can I serve you” is her personal motto a belief that opens the channel for deeper connection with people who come to her. She helps people find a solution to any situation that creates an imbalance within themselves, by guiding them intuitively combined with her academic learning to remember “who we are”. This place of service came from her triumph over a health threatening crisis where she had mystical experiences and realizing a deeper understanding that we are not just confined within logic and reason.She is able to help people find that sacred space to bridge the gap to any of their unfulfilled areas of their life.Be it career, relationships or finding your purpose, the feeling of inadequacy comes fr ones inability to sync with our true nature.

Connect with her and experience the joy that ‘Moment of Transformation’ will give you .