Are you a solopreneur or business owner wanting more clients?

How would your business be, and what would your life be like, if your business is filled with repeat and loyal customers?

What are your hot buttons…what situations cause you to react or not act in a manner that serves you and your business well? In other word, how emotionally intelligent are you? Being aware of and being able to manage your emotions and those of your clients are crucial in the success of your business.

Get Loyal Customers Now! Emotional Intelligence Coaching For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners is a specialized 6-month coaching program designed with the sole purpose of helping you convert prospects and then retain them as loyal customers. A successful salesperson–a role which you need to embrace if you are in business for yourself–cannot rely only on your technical or product know hows. Much more important is having the “people skills” and confidence in order to win over customers.

Through this unique program, you will improve your Emotional Intelligence to drive sales closings. Specifically, you will develop the essential skills to be emotionally self-aware in the sales environment, build rapport and trust with your clients, accurately gauge clients’ reactions, use emotional reasoning to make effective sales decisions and problem solve with clients, and finally, use emotional management to manage your own emotions and positively influence the emotions of your clients to make the best decision.

Book with me today! In this powerful call, you will walk away with the following BENEFITS:

  • Create a sense of clarity about the business you want to have
  • Identify the essential emotion needed for sale closing success
  • Discover the #1 negative emotion stopping you from having more customers
  • Identify the most powerful action to take right now to move you one step closer to your goal

Dr. Doan attended Harvard University as an undergraduate with a major in psychology. She earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Boston University in 2001. Her qualifications include being a licensed psychologist, certified emotional intelligence coach, and certified relationship coach for couples. Dr. Doan is also co-owner of two successful, membership-based franchise clinics with over 55 employees and 2500 members combined at her home clinics.

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