Career transitions. Enrolling clients. A new product launch. How do you get there? By knowing the value you offer, developing effective strategies and delivering a winning pitch. Face to face. Person to person.

From a new job to a new client or a new investor, Laura Paradise’s clients get the offers they’re after. Laura’s clients include entrepreneurs, politicians, educators, nonprofit professionals, engineers and artists. Laura is skilled at helping clients get visible, get interviewed and get hired. Laura skillfully helps people navigate the career process strategically and effectively. Her attention to interviewing and pitching skills makes the difference in her client’s success.

“Laura is a brilliant career coach!” said mPower and Exoteric founder Linton Johnson. “In 2009, I was the Chief of Communications for BART – the biggest transit agency West of the Mississippi, when one of our police officers was caught on video shooting killing a homeless man. Because I was public face of the agency, I was the focal point of the global public outrage. Laura’s expert guidance saved my career during that terrifying time. I did not get fired. In fact, thanks to Laura’s expert coaching, I was actually promoted! She’s worth every penny.”

A former lobbyist and fundraiser, Laura has mastered the art of persuasion and promotion. Laura specializes in career transitions. Her clients deliver pitches that hit the mark because they’re believable, effective and memorable. A certified (CTI) coach with an MS in Management, Laura employs a special methodology to help clients hone their communication skills. Her approach is creative, constructive, interactive and fun.