Kiya Sakaris is an Exoteric Founding Member. She has owned 6 businesses and has been a certified coach from 2004, coaching a wide variety of individuals and groups in a few different niches. She started her first stores when she was 26 years old, building each from scratch. In 2004, she became certified in business coaching, relationship coaching and spiritual coaching. She graduated with a BS in Psychology/Metaphysics with a 4.27 GPA. Recently, she just launched her new product line, What A Tease; a tea and herb based bath line that uplifts the skin and detoxifies the organs. She has traveled to 48 states and 11 countries spreading motivation and positivity. As a relationship expert, Kiya had written a web advice column for Sacramento Bride and Groom Magazine, as well as helping those in need as an expert on Due to her experience in creating new businesses, Kiya is extremely familiar with how the business process works. She is an invaluable asset providing knowledge in business research, strategy, marketing, business plans, speaking engagements, start-ups, efficiency, and the basic building blocks of starting your own business. If you want to start a business or want to increase productivity and effectiveness within your current business, Kiya will help you design a new “spin” on your own individualized business so that you can mold it to your own satisfaction.