I was inspired to start my (coaching) business by an insight I had about another business owner. In that 1990 conversation, I realized four things:

  1. He loved what he was doing.
  2. He was good at it.
  3. He was making great money.
  4. He was fulfilled by what he was doing — it was his work.

It was that fourth point that got me. What that guy (Jeff) was doing seemed to be his work. As in his life’s work.

In that moment, I realized coaching entrepreneurs was my work.

What’s yours?

You’re probably hoping your current venture will provide you the rewards my friend Jeff had. And you’re probably looking for more of one of those rewards, more enjoyment, more accomplishment, more money or more peace.

I think what you are doing now is probably very close to your life’s work. I believe the rewards and experience you seek is available to you.

And while being super close to your dream, it might feel like its miles away. As Richard Bolles wrote in How to Find Your Mission in Life, when we’re pursuing our dreams, we hope we’ll have the sort of clarity we’d have standing on a mountain top on a sunny day, seeing our path clearly. But “instead of a mountain top, we find ourselves in a valley — wandering often in a fog. The voice in our ear says something quite different from what we expected. It says, ‘Your Mission is to take one step at a time, even when you don’t see where it all is leading, or what the grand plan is, or what your overall Mission is.’”

I’ve been partnering with entrepreneurs since 1991, coaching them to find that next step in their fog as they follow their path.

Those next steps have included:

  • Recognizing, hiring and keeping talented employees
  • Building stronger connections to the people who matter
  • Increasing and stabilizing your energy
  • Learning to communicate hard messages effectively
  • Noticing what needs to be noticed