In our ever-changing corporate world, strong personal development
is needed to increase employee alertness, productivity,
and job satisfaction as the basis for sound company-wide programs
and policies. Janet will help your company or
organization develop the leadership and teamwork, which are
major components of success.


• Cultivate Incentive in Today’s Workplace
• Master Change
• Overcome Negativity

• Diversity Assessment
• Meeting Effectiveness Planning
• Developing Successful Work Teams
• Providing Exceptional Customer Service
• One-on-One Consulting/Coaching

For over 25 years, Janet Ver has served the educational and business communities of the Southwest as an educator, consultant, family therapist with high-risk populations. and life coach. She recently expanded her practice from the metropolitan Detroit area to include the Dallas Metroplex.

She has provided instruction at a number of colleges and universities, including Northern Arizona
University, Prescott College and University of Phoenix.

Janet has continued her work with diverse populations to bring the human spirit back into the workplace. Janet
specializes in developing and implementing programs with a cross-cultural focus, including many years of
work with Native American tribes.

She is involved in applying action research in the area of human dynamics and field theories, which promote transformation and individual wellness through an integration of mind, body, and spirit. She is a certified life coach and yoga therapist providing individual and organizational consulting to a wide array of businesses including: schools, hospitals, agencies, and corporations.

Janet is dedicated to the growth and development of human potential within the workplace. She recognizes that deep integrity and commitment are pieces to all solutions. With this fore-most, she will assist you and your organization to generate a collective vision where each individual contributes their efforts in the creation of an environment in which hope, inspiration, and opportunity for growth can flourish.

Janet earned a doctoral degree in Human Development from the Fielding Graduate Institute. She also holds two Master’s Degrees in Organizational Systems and Counseling Psychology.