I always knew that I was destined to work for myself. Sales is my arena- where I can determine how and how much I will earn. I had a plan years ago – learn the landscape of selling in the medical industry, then go into business for myself. After just 6 years of working in both manufacturing and distribution, I started my business, and now, over 20 years later, I look back on a very successful and satisfying adventure. The business has afforded me the lifestyle I always wanted.

Coaching came into the picture in 2003 when I felt the need to share my success and help others find theirs. After a fair amount of research, I signed up to take the core curriculum with The Coaches’ Training Institute. The training was so impressive that I spent the next 3 years going through their certification program and then their leadership program. I’ve worked with many people over the years in navigating the transition into their own business.

Now the time has come where I’m able to devote more of my time to coaching and a bit less to my sales business. So I’d love to hear from you and discover if we’ve got the chemistry to work together.