Dan Weigold CPC,PCC, ELI-MP
Professional Development and ADHD Coach

What does it take for you to be the most successful person you can be? What would enable you to perform better, enjoy life more and realize your goals? Go from surviving to thriving. Break through the barriers that halt success.

Dan is a recognized expert in process improvement and development and having worked in one of the elite technology corporations has a vast understanding of product and process development. Strengthen your business results by having a solid vision and strategy for the future. Understand how benchmarking can be used to grow your business. Develop leadership and communication skills that will lead you to powerful results and gain a stronger commitment from customers and employees. Find ways to think outside of the box and create the tools you need to separate yourself from the competition. Dan has the ability to help you improve and generate positive business results.

Dan is deeply committed to your success and coaches in the areas of ADHD, Career Transition and Leadership. Dan is an ICF certified coach (PCC) with degrees in Computer Science from the University of Colorado with a Master’s degree in Leadership from Duquense University.