Dr. Candice Ackerman is a licensed psychologist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs flourish in their business and life through strengths-based coaching. She has worked with many prominent psychologists and researchers in the field of positive psychology (the study of psychological wellbeing), and continues to incorporate it into her work with her coaching and therapy clients. Her coaching sessions involve goal setting, assessing your personal strengths and values, active problem solving, and finding good work-life balance.

Candice also enjoys helping with team building and assessing team dynamics for optimal productivity and cohesiveness. If you have ever been concerned about the culture of your company, or communication across employees, Candice can work with you to assess your teams.

As an entrepreneur herself, Candice knows first hand the difficulties of letting go work at the end of the day and making sure you are also taking care of yourself to better your business. A strong business requires a strong entrepreneur who takes time to recharge their batteries regularly! Candice’s former clients include executives and team leaders at SAP, EA Sports, and Apple.

Dr. Ackerman owns a private practice in Austin, Texas, and is currently working towards earning her MBA from the University of Wisconsin. She has earned a Ph.D. and Master’s degree from the University of Kansas in Counseling Psychology. Candice enjoys working with teams and spent time studying sport psychology as a part of her doctoral work.