My name is Betty Ann Gibbons. I was born on April 8th,1952 in Atlanta, Georgia , but raised in Detroit, Michigan. I’m currently now residing in Cartersville, Georgia. I have two grandsons that bring light into my life that I could not be more proud of. Their names are Taweeq and Darrin, they’re both currently in college. Taweeq is pursuing to become a successful businessman while Darrin is pursuing to become a successful Nurse Anesthesiologist. On the other hand, my occupation was home health care. I was in healthcare for about 40+ years.

I received my home health-care certification at Wayne County Community College in Detroit, Michigan. In addition, I also received my certificate in Gerontology, which is the process of aging. After I received my certifications I took the initiative to start my own home health care business.My business was very successful I had approximately 15 employees, who had worked under me. My business lasted for 15 years until I moved from Michigan to Georgia. The primary reason why I started my business was to show empathy, love and consideration towards others who needed my assistance. So I Thank you for taking the time out for getting to know me for who I am as a person. I’m looking forward to working with you.

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