Why Businesses Choose S6Net?


Establish and sustain profitable relationships with some of the most successful home based business owners in the world! No matter what your business niche!


Quickly drive new and incremental revenue while increasing operational efficiencies and brand visibility with low capitalization.


Built around a robust open architecture with advanced APIs, our proven technology was born to be custom configured, and scaled around a diverse range of business models.


No upfront fees! Once a business is accepted there will be an ongoing revenue share clean, simple and very profitable.


With the use of Grass Root Marketing your Salesforce will become the loudest advocates of your brand.


With our rapid roll out feature we can have you growing a Salesforce and taking orders within the next 7 days!

Why Entrepreneurs Choose S6Net?


Select from Pre-Approved Businesses that you would enjoy. Then follow simple plan to create a profitable business where you keep 100% of the profits. Not MLM!


Gain Access to The Edge, an Award Winning Learning Environment where top Advisors and Mentors will help you become successfully in all your business ventures!


Successful entrepreneurs provide financial assistance to allow you the ability create cash flow to grow your business. Cash Flow is the key to all successful businesses!

Join the #1 Direct Sales Network in the World.

Be a part of the direct sales revolution!


I Want Sales Force


Your gateway to the largest network of exclusive direct sellers in the world! Redefining the direct sales industry!


I want an opportunity


Instant access to in-demand products/services and the Award Winning Learning Environment “The Edge“

“Direct selling is a great model…with high gross margins, low capital intensity, lots of free cash flow… It’s a fragmented industry with gigantic room for growth…“ - Jim Cramer, CNBC

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