I am a spiritually-aligned authentic coach providing and space for transformative change. I coach people from all walks of life who are motivated to expand their awareness, ready to explore the depths of discoveries to be made, and who are dedicated to finding deeper meaning and purpose in their lives.

I work with people looking for personal and spiritual development, life vision and purpose, authentic awareness, well-being and fulfillment, and holistic life planning. I am passionate about engaging fully with individuals to clear away cobwebs, assisting clarity and purpose to shine through.

I am currently enrolled in a Professional Coaching Course through InviteChange, a certified coaching training program. I am also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and am working towards my Professional Certified Coach accreditation.

In addition, I am a certified emotional eating and weight-loss coach trained in Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/tapping). I live in Northwest Montana in the foothills of the Swan Range of the Rocky
Mountains with my husband and son. Our two daughters are in University.

I have a BA in Biology and a MS in Forestry. I spent 12 years working in Africa in various Natural Resources positions. Worked for the Forest Service, for the National Marine Fisheries Service in the Bering Sea and as a Conservation Easement Appraiser.

I currently own several small businesses, including property management, vacation rentals and small farm agriculture. I love to hike the mountains around me, cross-country ski, kayak, and I sing every chance I get, sometimes while doing the previous activities!