Dr. Wanda Tisby Cousar is the Principal Management consultant of Economic Strategolutions, LLC and holds a Doctor of Management concentration in Environmental and Social Sustainability from the Institute for Advanced Studies and EMBA from Colorado Technical University. Her B.S. degree in Nutrition and Foods was received from Rutgers University. Most recently, she has established a record of accomplishment of career placement of professionals and executives as a Career Consultant recognized for excellent coaching. She has also been a business and management program director in online education and teaches Career Planning and Management Online for a university. Developing courses in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship and Contemporary Trends in Sustainability are areas of expertise. Her employees and clients in various industries have made references on LinkedIn to her excellent coaching in both industries. Currently she has a book chapter in progress with Emerald Publishing on Career Coaching clients in firms and on college campuses using storytelling methodology. Her newest client includes the Pikes Peak Library District Artists and Makers program at the 21st Century library, sponsored by organizations invested in entrepreneurship that will begin January 3, 2017. In 2016, she received an excellence in service award as Practitioner Liaison, from the Academy of Management. Her video entitled “Finding Authentic Self” for National Public Radio (NPR) directed by the Story Project Director Sharon Friedman in 2015, is now archived in the Pikes Peak Library district. Dr. Tisby-Cousar published a book in 2015, Sande Leadership Attributes: Sustainable Practice in Organizations, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing. The leadership coaching model consists of 16 Sande leadership attributes that were uncovered in descendants of the African Diaspora in government, non-profit, small business, and corporations. Their sustainable practices resolved problems that otherwise would have compromised job security, promotional status, and kept them stagnant in their current careers. These attributes have been used to coach clients of various cultures and demographics evidenced by career search strategies and finding a balance between authentic-self and stakeholder needs using storytelling methodology in current organizations. As a keynote speaker, both in the U. S. and internationally since 2010, she has emerged as a problem solver for organizations, leaders, and professional practitioners coaching with her management-evidenced based approaches.