Titus Warren has a unique ability to meet people where they are, in any situation and bring comfort, knowledge, encouragement, and spiritual empowerment upon request. I call this “getting past yourself”. I do my best work in the streets and standing in line at the grocery store, or on the bus speaking to a bus load of people about all types of subjects and topics.

Once you get past yourself, the illusional barriers disapear. Getting people to engage with each other is what I do. People find out they can teach and share what they know without being afraid of being rejected or intimidated. I have done motivational speaking to youth groups, churches, gatherings and personal one on one situations.

I use the cognitive concepts of NLP, Cybernetics and just plain enjoying the other person for who they are. My encounter with you will refresh and loosen up places in you that you did not know existed. After you are finished with me, you will be able to move into any areas of your life with the results YOU want to see.

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