I am a passionate, forward striving coach who will challenge and motivate you with honesty and integrity to become your best future self.

I work with people of all ages who are in transition and are looking for a path toward a more fulfilling future.

I provide accountability and resources, all along the way until you create and manifest the new life you desire.

My extensive formal education with degrees in psychology, sociology and educational leadership and an advanced diploma in life and executive coaching from NYU is the foundation that informs my work as a coach.

I have years of experience in mentoring/coaching teachers, clergy, families and grad students through transitions toward successful and meaningful lives.
After a career of 30+years in academic leadership, I have experience and know what it means to face the closing of one chapter and opening another.

Having led teachers, students and families in an environment where I supported others to grow into their best selves, I was faced with having to do this for myself when I retired from a long and successful career as an educational leader.

After spending a year filling my bucket list, I realized that the next chapter needed to be one equally filled with purpose and passion.

I had to take myself on a journey to get clear about what I desired, so I could create my next chapter.

I came to the exciting insight and realization that my purpose and commitment is to dedicate myself to helping you and others, faced with the same challenge, create a clear path forward toward your own personal promised land.