Thomas Bounds offers you a wonderful opportunity to reach your goals through a coaching relationship. The first question is always, “What’s your goal?” From that entre you can join the long list of partners with Thomas who have grown, learned, stretched, become and succeeded. Whether you seek to develop as a leader, an entrepreneur, a professional or any other area of support Thomas can help you turn your goal into an actionable plan that leads to your success. He has assisted success for many people and can for you, too.

Thomas has been leading for 25 years and coaching for 4 years and is on the cusp of attaining the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification with the International Coach Federation. Additionally, his achievements of a Master of Business with emphases on management and finance from Wake Forest University and a Master of Divinity from Campbell University speak to his broad base of knowledge to help you. He has held leadership positions in non-profits, technology, finance and retail. And like you, he constantly strives to balance work, home and health, successfully he might say, and he would love to help you find that success, too.