Steve Coxsey is a Whole Life Leadership Coach, helping clients successfully juggle competing responsibilities and bring more alignment to the different priorities in their lives. Many of his clients are transitioning to self-employment, starting a business, or growing their business. He provides a combination of coaching, consultation, and mentorship in one-on-one sessions or in groups. This involves sharing some areas of expertise, helping clients determine what information and training they need, and then guiding them in creating and implementing development plans for themselves as leaders and strategic plans to design and create their businesses around their values and lifestyle priorities.

Coaching gives you a focused place to sort out your own thoughts, get clear about your values and your priorities, and learn about your strengths. You realize what matters most to you, what resources you have, and in what areas you need to learn things or develop skills to reach the goals you have set. Though it’s a professional service, coaching has a very personal quality, meaning you are not treated as a number or given a cookie-cutter template. Your plan, created jointly by you and Steve, is customized to your priorities, your strengths, and your values, built on your talents and resources. When you have a clear view of your abilities, what’s at stake for you, and your motivation coming from your values and priorities, you are more capable and make more consistent progress. You also have strategies for dealing with struggles and setbacks based on past successes and the strengths you have that serve you best in tough times.

Steve blends tips and applications from a broad background in psychology, including human development, positive psychology, and neuroscience, with the ICF client-driven coaching model. He helps his clients thrive by developing and expressing their core strengths, talents, values, and natural way of being to promote greater success and fulfillment. He partners with inspirational leaders on creating a culture of thriving by encouraging those they lead to develop their core selves for greater success and fulfillment.

Steve’s background has uniquely prepared him to be an advocate of principled leadership and lifelong growth and development. His psychology masters program included consultative support to leadership, program evaluation, and motivational interventions. Working in school systems early in his career showed him how collaborative relationships among experts can benefit all parties. Experience as a psychotherapist taught him the complexity of human relationships and the challenges of change. Co-owning and managing a business helped him understand a leader’s challenges managing staff and working with clients and their concerns. Realizing the common thread of his career path had been promoting growth and development, Steve added professional coach training to his portfolio in 2007.

Steve holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a Certified MentorCoach (CMC) through MentorCoach, LLC. He is also a coach trainer through MentorCoach, LLC. Steve is highly regarded by his trainer team colleagues as an intuitive coach whose greatest strengths are wisdom, perspective, compassion, and curiosity. His colleagues seek him out for consultation when they have clients in leadership roles facing challenging dilemmas or situations with complex interpersonal conflict.