Stepp Stevens Sydnor is a trusted sales coach and business development expert. On average Stepps coaching clients experience a minimum 20% increase in their sales revenues. Over the past sixteen years, Stepps coaching/training solutions has helped entrepreneurs and companies stay ahead of their competition by re-thinking, measuring and improving their personal best.

“I’ve not had sales introduced to me in such a practical or simple way, and it’s paying off. I had my best month ever, over $117,000 in revenue. — Lewis Bullion

Highly engaging, Stepp’s coaching insights help entrepreneurs build confidence to convert more prospects into paying customers while reaching their personal income goals.

As an entrepreneur himself, Stepp has experienced the dream of building a business and the frustrations when prospects do not purchase your products or service. Building a business that provides security and freedom requires confidence in how to sell, courage to prospect and a vision that creates sustainable energy.

“Thank you Stepp for your coaching on Sales Meeting Mastery, especially since it has helped me in my sales job. My closing ratio has increased 15% and is above average for the company. Please keep doing what you do best! Thanks!!” Timothy L. Pantages

“Wonderful Results…my business increased over 40% from the year before. Stepp’s common sense approach gave me the confidence I needed to really succeed.” – Claudia Carroll

Stepp’s proven tools, fresh tips and best practices, gleaned from real-world situations, help coaching and seminar participants “get the cure” for lackluster sales performance. Stepp has conducted over a 1000 presentation and coached over 750 entrepreneurs to build a rewarding business that provides financial security and freedom.

“Thanks to Stepp’s 2MeetingClose Seminars, by adding a success story, my sales have increased 25 percent in one month’s time.”—Doug Million

Stepps coaching will help you build the confidence to create wealth and a sustainable business; get more customers to buy your product and service, improve effective meeting skills and prospecting tactics that work.

Chose Stepp as your business coach and benefit from his proven methods that include ideas, tactics and strategies from his published works and training resources.

Stepps published works include:

Survive or Thrive – Creating the life you want out of the life you have, 2008 IUniverse Publisher
Survive or Thrive Guidebook, 2011 iUniverse Publisher
32 Sales Objections Easily Countered, 2015, iUniverse Publisher

Stepps training Courses include:
How to get the interest and attention of an executive in your initial meeting
Effective prospecting and marketing tips, tactics and strategies that work
How to effectively present a winning proposal
How to negotiate and avoid discounting
How to create goals and set priorities
How to go

“By implementing Stepp’s awesome sales coaching strategies and tactics, our market has increased 17 percent over the last couple of months. I am so thankful for the guidance and direction and will never go back to my old ways of coaching.”—Jonathan Ray

“I have personally seen him get over 30% lift in sales when he works with a motivated sales person – 30%!!!” Elton Hart, Sr. Director, Comcast SMB Outside Sales