It is KK’s belief that although startups may be pursuing new world ideas, it is likely they may face issues already cracked by others. Hence, they can avoid reinventing the wheel by drawing upon experience and learnings gained by others in implementation.

KK can help entrepreneurs (i) with creating a business identity that stands out amongst their competition, (ii) in recruiting (interviewing and selection), (iii) in developing Go to market strategies, (iv) in creating that elevator speech, which gets people hooked on your business real quick, (v) opening and closing a sales call, (vi) in building a distribution network, motivating channel partners etc.

KK is a product of four decades of diverse Global experience in various Senior Management roles in top Global Consumer Product Corporations spanning General Management, Marketing, Sales, Acquisitions & Integration, living and working in 3 Continents: U.S., Europe and Asia (India, China). He knows what it takes to nurture, build and grow a business profitably in different market, socio economic, political and cultural environments.

KK is also a ICF Certified PCC Level Coach and has been coaching HIPO’s for almost 25 years and is passionate about helping people realize their full potential. He has an excellent track record of building and leading high performance multi-functional teams from diverse nationalities and cultures and attributes his success to his practice of the Ubuntu Philosophy: “I am who I am because of who we all are collectively”.

KK believes a clear strategy articulation laying out priorities combined with excellent execution are mandatory drivers of a business’ success. He has expertise in shaping a competitively differentiated strategy & brand proposition based on market segmentation, defining the right and profitable Go to Market strategies (channel prioritization, distribution network and customer acquisition & retention strategies), designing an appropriate sales organization structure to meet the goals of the business & turn it all into a business plan. He also believes any strategy should call out areas of “Won’t do” to provide sharp clarity and focus to the teams.

KK did his MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India (set up in collaboration with Harvard Business School); Masters in Science (Physics) from Delhi University, India. Has done Sales and Marketing Program at Harvard Business School, General Management Program in Unilever, U.K., and at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.

He has a PCC Level Coaching Certification from International Coaching Federation; CPC from iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching), New Jersey; ELIP-MP (Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership) from iPEC, New Jersey.

Helping others realize their potential is what I enjoy doing and gives me satisfaction. Please contact me through LinkedIn or e-mail me at