Shannon Russell is an Awareness Educator and Life Guide. She has developed the DIG and DASH Methods of Awareness which are revolutionary and highly effective methods of fully resolving and overcoming the hidden inner obstacles that affect our ability to be healthy, happy and successful. Shannon guides clients to fully resolve and overcome inhibiting factors that we all experience such as fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, depression and limiting subconscious beliefs.

Shannon believes that at the core of all of us is the desire to be healthy, happy and have success in our life and career pursuits. Through personal need in her own life to overcome health issues, unhappiness and the feelings of failure, she has made it her mission to uncover and understand the factors that create struggle and strife in our lives and learn how to fully resolve and overcome them. Once these inner sabotaging factors are fully resolved, we are no longer fighting against ourselves and the path becomes clear for us to take action, move forward and achieve our desires and goals.

Shannon has taken a multitude of innovative and progressive courses and training and has combined this information with the wisdom she has gained through her own life experiences. Do not judge a book by its cover. She may look young but her life experiences tell a different story and she has learned invaluable insights and understandings from all of them.

If you are ready to fully overcome and resolve whatever is preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams, then you owe it to yourself to begin by clearing out your inner blockages and sabotaging thoughts and patterns FIRST.