Shannon Reschny is a management professional and business advisor with over twenty years’ experience across a wide variety of business sectors.

As a former advisor to government, Indigenous groups and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, she has extensive experience in developing business plans and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit. With a B.Comm degree in Marketing, and an MBA, Shannon aligns her academic credentials with her passion for professional coaching. She has worked as a professor of marketing and entrepreneurship, and through the years has embarked on a variety of entrepreneurial ventures of her own. She is currently a partner at her own firm, Ignite Coaching and Consulting.

Shannon is also a mother of eight (8!) and values a balanced lifestyle above all else. She has worked hard to create a life where she is free to pursue her passions while nurturing her children to discover and pursue their own. She understands how family demands can leave you feeling stretched too thin, and helps her clients pursue their highest potential while balancing the joys and responsibilities of parenthood.

As a coach, she inspires her clients to take ownership of the change they want to see in their own lives and business, helps them focus their energy to achieve the results they are seeking, and encourages them to embrace accountability as a means to fulfilling their wildest dreams.

Shannon has a collaborative style and values diversity, energy and creative problem solving. Working with Shannon, you can expect unwavering support as you define your vision of success, identify barriers that are blocking your progress, and develop a workable action plan to help you achieve your goals.