You want a successful business. And then there is the stress accompanying this desire. Is it the number of tasks overwhelming you or something else? Maybe it’s not the desire for a successful business, maybe it’s the lack of support in a relationship causing distress or not knowing how to ask for what you need. Stress encompasses so many things, it can be challenging to pinpoint the layers.

I’m a national expert in stress reduction and have travelled to coach professionals and non-professionals how to reduce, manage and prevent stress in their lives. I’m also a published author. I have several books published and my latest book, Stress in the Modern World, will be released in January 2017. My other book, Stress Intelligence, will be available fall of 2016. This book explores more than 365 ways to reduce,prevent, manage and “be” with stress and lift your stress IQ. I have a Stress Coaching program designed to help you focus on identifying sources of stress and systems these may originate from. My coaching practice specifically focuses on the stress you experience, and how what you use or don’t use affects this. I have a radio show exploring different paths to wellness, as well as a blog on stress intelligence. Other activities I do are available on my website.

The motto of the Stress Intelligence Program is “when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Uncover, discover and recover new tools”. It’s not about working harder, it’s about trying different tools to see what is the most effective.
I also have a doctorate in clinical psychology, a Master’s in Counseling and am a certified alcohol and substance use counselor. I am registered as a yoga instructor. I incorporate the mind, body, heart, brain and environment to customize the tools that may work for you. When we collaborate, you will uncover some new discoveries that guide your path to stress management so you have what you need for your business, rather than focusing on trying to manage the distress.

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