The one thing that stands between you and the income you know you can earn is ‘the customer’! Don’t be apprehensive about communicating with your biggest contributor. When you learn to connect quickly with your right fit client you’ll experience the level of success you know you can achieve.

Engage more customers and close more business when you understand these key elements:

  • Sales Fundamentals – The magic is in your mindset not manipulation.
  • Presentation skills – You can do this – whether you’re presenting to one or hundreds!
  • Confidence Building – Learn the 7 Core Confidence Principles to boost your confidence now.

Based on your specific needs, a coaching program will be tailored to fit you.

Sara Krisher spent sixteen years in a high volume corporate sales career. She’s sold to businesses from Fortune 500 companies to Mom and Pop shops. The one thing every sale has in common is the human element. It’s the humanity behind the sale that fascinated Sara. She’s read and researched and practiced countless sales techniques, but what it all comes down to is connection and trust.

Sara’s interest in making a larger impact led her to explore a speaking career. She is a member of the National Speaker’s Association and teaches public speaking skills. Sara is a Master Certified Coach and the President Elect of the International Coach Federation, Minnesota Chapter. Her special interest is confidence which she believes is the underpinning of action.

Consider this your personal invitation to connect with me. Share with me what you’re up against in your business and I’ll make sure you get to where you’re going.