Let’s face it – Having your own business can be thrilling and it can be frustrating beyond belief! I know because I have had my own business for almost 15 years. And I made the transition from working for someone and having all of the services I needed provided– to having to figure out ways to work dong the thing I love which is coaching AND run a business so it is sustainable and fulfilling!
I have also coached people through many of the rough spots that you as a human being and entrepreneur may be facing right now, from crisis of confidence, difficult relationships, unmet expectations from others, and fear around networking and sales; to handling both the strategic aspect of your business planning to dealing with the details day in and day out.
As an executive and department manager for manger years, I understand the demands of meeting challenging goals and the need to be able to understand your financial picture while also being the dreamer, the visionary and the holder of the “WHY” for your business. I have struggled with my own demons in the realm of procrastination and chasing bright shiny objects that look like the next answer. And I have learned that focus on any goal is a much more direct path to success.
Trained as a coach through many different reputable organizations; a regional leader for the International Coach Federation and holding an MBA from Rutgers University, I am a champion of the entrepreneurial spirit. I work with many new entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground and to leverage low-cost resources to get the clients in the door so they can realize their dream of doing something that makes a difference and provides more flexibility so they can take care of all of the important priorities in their lives.