Norma Burgess is a successful academic and entrepreneur. She actively managed an independent sales business for 5 years and has been in higher education for 30 plus years. Self-empowerment is the key to both. Developing a strong mindset about success will be critical in your next step or business venture. Working with her, you will learn how to prioritize, keep first things first, overcome obstacles and objections, set goals and reach them, and to become the person that you have always wanted to be.

Norma studies her business, does it and puts what she learns into action and everyday life so that success becomes eminent. Over a period of years, she has learned what it takes to make a good situation better and to live each day fully and prosperously. The power of positive thinking in living and belief transforms even the greatest skeptic into an ardent believer!

Norma holds an undergraduate degree in political science (University of Tenn.-Martin) and Masters of Public Affairs and PhD in Sociology from North Carolina State University and has held academic appointments as a professor and college administrator for 30 years at various institutions across the U.S. Norma was a sales director with a major cosmetics firm for several years, delivered workshops nationally and internationally on self-development, self-knowledge and success.

Begin today, on your own life-changing journey with Norma Burgess—you will be excited to join the ranks for the best. Schedule your time now.