Your energetic frequency matters. What happens on the outside is a direct result of how you operate on the inside. Whatever you want that you don’t yet have – success, peace, freedom – cannot come if you don’t align your mindset, beliefs and thoughts. That’s all energetic. Learn to work with subtle energies, and you are working with universal intelligence itself. Imagine the power!

Michelle Woodward has spent the past thirty years engaged in the exploration of ancient and modern wisdom for transformation. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach who thrives on developing your capacity while guiding you to shift your energy, raise your vibration and improve any area of life/business you want. She achieved her coaching certification through Coaches Training Institute 13 years ago and has been coaching entrepreneurs and leaders to align with their purpose, values and vision ever since. Everyday Alchemy is the result of synthesizing the wisdom collected into practices that you can use today.

Michelle offers a fun, grounded perspective to intentional and conscious living. Co-creating with her is an adventure into the world of subtle energy that awakens your energetic nature, producing transformational results.

Michelle lives outside of Seattle, WA and is a mother to young boy, a wife, a HSP (highly sensitive person), empath, psychic and nature lover. She didn’t always have her voice and power. It was something she had to reclaim for herself.

Behind every World-Changer is a support system helping to lift her/him up. Michelle would love to be part of yours!