Michael was born in Central America in a city called Managua. He migrated to the United States when he was a child. Growing up in Northern California he noticed what opportunities were available to him, had he stayed in Nicaragua, he would have never experienced such features. He was raised to be a responsible person, caring for the needs of others before his own. This is what makes Michael different from others. He is always willing to help in what he can and sometimes go beyond what was asked.

While in college, he studied accounting. However, he pursued a career in sales and has also been open to other business opportunities. When the circumstances changed he was also able to change with them. This shows his versatility. His main objective in life is to continue helping others with a self sacrificing spirit. Michael is also bilingual. y para los que necesiten comunicarse en su proprio idioma, Espanol el es el indicado y con gusto les ayudara.

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