Maureen was born into a large family in Philadelphia, and finds that she is a natural transplant to any new locale. As a younger sister, she is used to finding her place in the world despite a surplus of siblings with seniority. A quiet rebel, Maureen excels in both fitting into a team and also standing out in a crowd. Watch out for a sense of humor with a touch of Ireland about it.

In 1992, while raising three boys on her own, Maureen joined the world of public service and understands how to keep national organizations running and thriving on a strategic level, as well as providing customer service on the local level. With 25 years of planning, budgeting, and large business execution under her belt, Maureen turned her sites on the individual supporting their efforts to find their purpose and meaning in life.

Maureen specializes in creating the integrated life with passion, grace, love and success. If you are looking for that special business venture that is an expression of who you naturally are in the world, and you know that your relationships with family and friends need to be nurtured and honored at the same time, Maureen offers a “been there, done that” perspective that reassures while allowing you to forge your own special path. And should you need an impatient nudge, Maureen knows how to take on projects and see them through to the end with humor and compassion.