Congratulations, you are a business owner! My name is Mark Thomas, how may I serve you? From the beginning I want to acknowledge the fact you are the expert of you. I am really looking forward to getting to know you, your story, your hopes, dreams, goals and your why (motivation). With your story in mind, I will be listening to you and asking you powerful questions. The answers you come up with will formulate the action plan that achieves the business and life success you desire.

As your Coach I will be in your corner rooting you on, encouraging you as you gain knowledge and apply that knowledge while making the personal changes you identify need to be made. With your personal and business growth in process, along with accountability, you will apply the action plan you have developed to achieve the goals you have set for yourself becoming a successful entrepreneur. Please think about it, feel it, what will be the biggest benefit to you of embracing and leveraging a coach relationship with someone who will always believe in you, even in the times you may doubt yourself?

Our coaching relationship is focused on you and your success, but you need to be comfortable and confident that I will fulfill my role as your Coach, so a little bit about me. I am a man of faith, a husband to my fantastic wife Laurie for 36 years and a father to 4 delightful children, two sons and two daughters. I am a graduate of Institute for Intercultural Coach Training, coach training with a cross cultural emphasis and additional training from PCCI, Great Relationships and ongoing training from CMI. I have had the privilege of coaching people for hundreds of hours since 2011 from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and ages with everyone achieving success in the goals they set for themselves. I am willing and able to serve you, your success is my joy! I will encourage you to take massive action!

Curious if I could be of service? Ask for an appointment to get to know each other.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I am looking forward to talking with you soon,