I am a wellbeing balancer. I encourage you to master five essential elements to wellbeing, including career wellbeing, financial wellbeing, social wellbeing, community wellbeing, and physical wellbeing. There is a direct relationship among these elements so keeping them in balance is essential for optimal wellbeing. Changes in any of the elements can have an effect on the others.

I am a father, friend, leader, partner, entrepreneur, speaker, life enthusiast, and a gay man. For many years I was who everyone expected me to be. Each expectation carried a different personality and persona. Can you imagine how exhausting that is? Finally, after many years of trial and error, I took off all the masks to become my authentic self.

I took charge of my life so I could enjoy the journey and be all of these things as myself. I got past the insecurities of worrying about what others thought of me. I am ME. I’m here to spur you to be YOU!
I have several tools and assessments that can help bring light to the areas in most need. Book with me to bring balance into your world.

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