I coach business owners who crave professional success and satisfying lives. Being ‘in charge’ pulls you in many directions and requires you to be visionary, a measured risk taker, problem solver and most of all courageous. It can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate how to spend your valuable time and resources! How can you best leverage your personal strengths to mitigate areas that have tripped you up in the past? What will you do to make sure you have balance in your professional and personal life?

Every successful athlete has a coach, why shouldn’t you? I have traveled the same path as many of you! I have launched two successful business and headed up a large nonprofit that created innovative solutions ahead of others in our field. I first used a business coach when I worked in nonprofit leadership. That more than anything helped me break through my barriers and build a healthy culture, a vibrant organization, and a successful team.

After facing a life-threatening illness, I eventually decided to combine my business and human services experience and founded Blue Water Consulting and Coaching to help others find their own path to creating a business and life that they love. I specialize in assisting business owners and leaders identify steps to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. I have a passion for working with people who are facing health challenges and looking for the best ways to maintain their professional lives while taking care of themselves and their families.

My qualifications include a master’s degree in counseling, a graduate certification in executive coaching and an ACC credential from International Coach Federation. I have also received the Certified Association Executive Certification from ASAE. I have worked with individuals facing work and health challenges as well as built a career counseling service. I have taught career life planning courses and various psychology courses at the post-secondary level. I’ve held various executive positions and grown successful teams.