As a lifelong entrepreneur, I understand that having your own business is both a thrill and a challenge. Even if you have excellent product knowledge and sales skills, it may be other things—the things that life demands of you—that stop your progress or need to be considered in order for you to succeed. To make your business work, it has to work for you. After all, isn’t that the reason you’re in business for yourself?

I am an expert in helping you:

  • Run a business that is in alignment with your values
  • Look at where you get stuck and how to take practical steps to move forward
  • Communicate with employees more effectively
  • Listen to customers more powerfully
  • Become more confident
  • Maintain life balance
  • Stay focused

I did a survey of my clients recently asking them what one thing potential clients should know about me and my services. Here are a few of their answers: outstanding coaching; opens different perspectives, sharpens my view, brings clarity; motivates me to continue with goals; helps me get clearer, more determined, more focused and aware; Lynn is powerfully insightful; love her gentle, supportive spirit; provides hope beyond what I think I can achieve alone.

In addition to the coaching skills I’m passionate about, I use a number of experiential modalities to create breakthroughs, insights and action in your life that linear thinking can’t access. These include storytelling, writing, creative expression, ritual, retreats, nature, and—if you visit my part of the world—horses through an approach called equine guided coaching. In any case, I’m skilled at bringing in powerfully effective tools to help you succeed.

I hold an M.A in Human Development, am a certified personal and professional coach, but most meaningfully, I bring wisdom that only years of life experience as a small business owner and human being can convey. I was honored as Innovative Businesswoman of the Year in 2009 by Rich Chicks, a socially-minded, prosperity-based community of women educators and business owners. I’ve been coaching, training and doing retreats for individuals, business owners and teams since 1997. It will be an honor to work with you.