“Welcome to your new adventure! Starting your own business takes courage, faith and hard work. I congratulate you for not settling for less than you believe you can be! It would be my privilege to join your team as you equip yourself for success!”

Lyn is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, a Lifeforming Leadership Coaching Master Coach and Trainer, and a Founding Member of Exoteric. Lyn will soon be on certification as a Personal Leadership Effectiveness Coach and Trainer with Future Achievement International. An active business owner, she is Founder of Equipping for Success, LLC, and Director of Training for Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. Lyn received her BBA from the University of Texas, Austin. After graduation, she co-founded and operated an oil and gas lease acquisition company for 10 years.

As an entrepreneur, professional coach, consultant, trainer and non-profit ministry leader, Lyn has personal and client experience in what it takes to be successful in your new business adventure. Her style is comfortable, relational, intuitive and challenging with access to a variety of tools.

Over 30 years, hundreds of clients, on 6 continents, Lyn still finds every conversation exciting and expects to be surprised by the discoveries and momentum. She is dedicated to helping others realize their full potential in the workplace, community and home. She is married, has three wonderful sons, two amazing daughters in law, and 7 well above average grandchildren. Lyn loves the outdoors, and water only makes it better. She enjoys sailing, hiking, camping, road trips with her family and international travel.

“I love serving leaders and emerging leaders in business, ministry and life through coaching, training, strategic planning, behavioral intelligence, personal core values, and personal development.”

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