“How can I experience fullness in all areas of my life?”
“I know I’ve got more to offer, but I just don’t know how to consistently thrive!”
“I can’t go on like this for much longer, why does this always happen to me?”

If you can identify with any of these questions or you have similar questions, then you’ve come to someone with good answers and practical help. I can show you how to step out on your own and take that leap into living the life you truly want to live. The opportunity to discover your natural talents and then turn them into powerful strengths that work for you and those you love IS within your reach. The ability to fully take hold of the reins requires the ‘unhindered you’ to show up and be amazing. No more half measures or “I guess that will do”. You have a lot to offer and you deserve the joy of bringing that to the world around you.

I have been fortunate enough to live and work in the UK, India, China and now Thailand. My professional work has ranged from founding a travel company in Tibet to being an ambassador for Speciality Coffee across Southeast Asia. These diverse professional and cultural experiences have shown me just how unique we all are as well as proven to me the value in understanding our one-of-a-kind strength mix.

We are designed to live an abundant life rather than merely be consumers and takers. Each of us has the incredible potential to be creators and givers. The choices we make in life determine whether we realize our potential, dilute our capacity or inadvertently give away what makes us truly special. What gives you your X-factor? How are you using your strengths? I can coach you to discover your hidden potential and support you as you develop into the person you were born to be.