Comments clients to Lorna include these, “Money was always ‘serious business’ to me. I never knew I could have so much fun learning to use it effectively!” and “I was always anxious about money, especially with my business. With Lorna, I’m coming to peace and my money life is so much more effective.”

Lorna coaches and trains clients to address their beliefs about and develop entrepreneurial skills with money so their relationship with it is more effective for their career and they experience greater ease.

A long-time business owner herself, Lorna delights in coaching owners and managers of existing businesses to reach for new horizons to further develop their business and income. She also enjoys coaching new entrepreneurs to transition from a job or college to effective business ownership. Clients develop solid business and marketing plans and have ongoing support to implement them successfully with her guidance.

If these are skills you wish to develop for your business and personal success, contact Lorna now to get started.

Lorna graduated from the Academy for Coaching Excellence and the College for Financial Coaching. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Licensed Academy Trainer and Certified Financial Coach™.