If you think there’s no connection between exercise and starting your own business, think again.
According to a Finnish Study exercising will make you more focused, smarter, healthier and might even make you rich!

“Finnish researchers recently followed 5,000 male twins for nearly three decades,” said personal trainer and one of The Edge’s elite Founding Coaches Linda Schmidt. “Researchers determined regular exercise contributed to 14 to 17 percent higher long-term income levels. They also found that regular exercise creates a mindset that wins in business.”

As a both a personal trainer and a manager of several businesses, Linda knows the connection between exercise and entrepreneurial success.

“Linda is fiercely dedicated to helping people reach their physical best,” managing partner and co-founder of mPower Linton Johnson said. “You won’t find a more passionate advocate for both your personal health and the health of your business.”

Linda’s love for fitness and health began in high school when she started working out with a trainer. After three months she became a personal trainer at her gym.

“My passion for fitness began at 17, when I became a personal trainer to put myself thru medical school,” Linda says. “I continued my pursuit to help others by becoming a pre-med student,” Linda says. “That however did not work out due to family issues and financial situations. My love of knowledge for medicine, biology and nutrition has never allowed me to stop learning.”

Linda lives with her family in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. If you are looking for delicious nutrition plans and rigorous, but fun fitness plans, book an appointment with Linda today!

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