A seasoned coach, consultant and entrepreneur, I am passionate about helping professionals recharge and thrive! Whether it’s jump-starting your new business, setting a personal goal like health & fitness, or learning to be more peaceful, I can help you live a successful, healthy and balanced life!

An ICF certified coach, consultant and lawyer, with over 12 years of experience working with businesses and entrepreneurs, I know the ups and downs of running a successful business.

Trained at CTI (The Coaches Training Institute), and as a certified Body Centered Coach, I integrate body and mind for sustainable change. With additional training in Story Craft, I offer tools for effective communication and marketing through storytelling.

I practice yoga and meditation, and am fascinated by Buddhism. A lover of the outdoors, I am often hiking or on the golf course. I live in the Philadelphia area with my husband of thirty years and my standard poodle.

Katrina’s experience as a lawyer will assist you to analyze and strategize business and personal solutions that deeply resonate.

Her Body-Centered coaching integrates body and mind to tap your intuition for wise decision making and action.

Her Story Craft training will help you find your niche, market authentically and speak powerfully.

Katrina was featured in the Philadelphia Magazine for her work with clients in mid-life transitions.

I am passionate about my work as an entrepreneur, living a life in balance and sustaining healthy habits that create vitality and ease – I can help you create that life with a successful business.